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Best sim card for Japan 2 weeks? 2020/1/9 09:57
Hi all

I'm off to Japan for the second time in March for 15 days and this time will be getting a sim card, I prefer those to a wifi router as it's one less thing to carry around. I've been looking many different forums on here about the best sim card to buy and I am confused. I'm not sure how much data I will be needing and I don't want to run out, mostly I will be using translate, google maps and Hyperdia for trains. I've found a couple of options on Mobal and Simcard Geek for 16 days both mixed reviews on them actually working and I really don't want to waste my money. I am considering either of these two on Amazon as they both have decent enough reviews


I mostly want it shipped to my house in NZ as my flight doesn't land till 9 pm Japan time and I think that most post shops will be closed by then. If you have experience the companies I am looking at please let me know or other brands as well. I mostly just want to be able to put it in my phone when I land in Narita.


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Re: Best sim card for Japan 2 weeks? 2020/1/15 10:18

I'm surprised that no one has replied to your inquiry. Did you come to Japan yet or are you about to arrive? There is a great company that you can get a sim card for short-term and don't have to worry about a contract or anything. The prices are great too.


There are lots of options for you to choose from depending on the kind of data you want and the length you will rent for.
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Re: Best sim card for Japan 2 weeks? 2020/1/15 20:33
Hi Hannah,

I bought my SIM card through and I didn't have any problem at all. After comparing different official vendors, this agent had the best deal. In less than a week, my purchase arrived at my home door. I have an iPhone 4 and the Micro SIM worked perfectly.

Hope my personal experience helps you :)


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Re: Best sim card for Japan 2 weeks? 2020/1/17 05:24
These replies are helpful but when I go to the URLs indicated, I do not see an option to purchase the card now and have it shipped to a foreign address --- I would like to get it at my home in USA before getting my flight on 25 Feb. for Japan. Does anyone know if that is possible? If not, can I have it shipped to a friend's address in Japan? I see only options for picking it up at airports or postoffices or at the locations of the vendor. Thanks!
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