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Looking for immigration lawyer 2020/1/9 17:39
Dear All,
kindly suggest an English speaking lawyer in Tokyo/Yokohoma who can assist regarding Work Permit (High skilled category).

I have recently received 5 years permit as High Skilled Prof under company X. (i m inside Japan now and got the residence card as well)

However, I am yet to start my employment with company-X and there is some uncertainty whether the project will ever start or not!

Now, should I try with other companies?

if I get another job with some other company-Y, will I be able to continue new job under the same permit?

I understand normally changing the company doesn't require to apply for a fresh permit/CoE.

But my case is a special one- as I am yet to start with the original company X.

What do you think?
by Prince2020  

Re: Looking for immigration lawyer 2020/1/11 00:21
No in that case you must ask your new company to apply for a new visa.
The highly-skilled prof visa is linked to a specific company.
Please take a look in your passport, it should have a piece of document stapled there with the name of your sponsor company.

The highly-skilled prof visa is pretty much a trap, you should only apply if you can have 80+ points and going for quick perm residence.
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Re: Looking for immigration lawyer 2020/1/11 01:24

So I got my residence card and will leave Japan after a week [Just came to get the residence card].

If my company gets the project then I will come back after 2 months and will start working.

Do I need to apply for any Re-entry permit this time before leaving?
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