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Nebuta (Aomori) from Tokyo 2020/1/10 01:04

It will be my 2nd time in Aomori for Nebuta, I just found an acommodation in Misawa since in Aomori is nearly impossible...what do you think? is it a good place? otherwise I still can book in Hachinohe, what would you choose, Hachinohe is 3 times the price of Misawa but is covered by JR Pass whereas Misawa it is not.
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Re: Nebuta (Aomori) from Tokyo 2020/1/10 08:42
Hachinohe is good for food. A seafood BBQ should be nice in Shichirin-mura inside Hasshoku Market.

Or go for a yatai experience among the stores in Miroku Yokocho.

BTW, most hotels in Japan are not open for booking till 3-6 months in advance and now seems a bit early for August. Look up Aomori accommodation again in February to see if any is available for reservation in August.

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Re: Nebuta (Aomori) from Tokyo 2020/1/10 09:42
For super popular festivals, like Nebuta, you cannot wait until 3-6 months prior to the event to make reservations - all rooms will be long gone by then. It is almost already too late now (early Jan) for the Nebuta 2020.
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Re: Nebuta (Aomori) from Tokyo 2020/1/10 15:35
In 2018, I took a Princess Cruise around Japan for festivals. It did go to Aomori on the final day of the festival, where there is a day parade, and evening fireworks. I was a little disappointed, in that I wanted to see the evening parade. It is going to do the same again this year.

Overall, I did enjoy the cruise, and the place I viewed the Lantern balancing in Akita, the
Awa Odori fools dance at Tokushima, and the Yosakoi Dance at Kochi, wefre all great.

Ifm thinking about doing the cruise again, if it ever goes to the Aomori Festival on a day other than the last day of the festival. If I do go, Ifm going to buy one of those festival hats with the bird on it.

I have had good luck with reservations exactly 6 months ahead of time on JAPANiCAN, so that might work for you too. Good luck.
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Re: Nebuta (Aomori) from Tokyo 2020/1/10 19:32
OK, I finally booked Misawa hotel, it is just 70 min from Aomori and there's a last train at 22 20, enough to enjoy Nebuta I guess. It will be my 2nd time in Nebuta so no worries.

As some people said, you cannot book 6 months in advance, it is already too late for festivals like Nebuta.

Anyway thanks for the tips, I did not have any other option, no sleeping or picking that one in Misawa which I think it will be worth.
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Re: Nebuta (Aomori) from Tokyo 2020/1/10 21:11

FYI, Hirosaki's nebuta festival is probably smaller than Aomori's, but not as crowded and more enjoyable to watch IMHO. If I were you, I might try to get accommodation in Hirosaki, and you might have the opportunity to watch both of the "nebutas".
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