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Tokyo itinerary - 4 days 2020/1/10 12:09
Our group consists of 12 people from United States and United Kingdom - one toddler aged 3 at that time. We love adventure, seeing new things, love trying all kinds of foods, shopping only if its worth it which I heard it is in Japan, and culture. Here is a plan we made for Tokyo and would love your insight on 3 things:

1. Does the itinerary look ok? Any thing you would change or rearrange?
2. Based on this itinerary, where do you recommend we stay?
3. Anything that we are missing that is a must see in Tokyo - I know we don't have time to see everything which is why we kind of prioritized it.

• We all arrive between 12:00pm - 2:10pm
At the airport:
Pick up Japan Rail Pass
IC Card - reloadable card
• 4:30pm - Leave airport - of course this is if we arrive on time
• 5:30pm - arrive at hotel and check in
• 5:30pm to 8:30pm - shower, dinner, etc. We plan to find a dinner place right next or close to our hotel so we don't have to travel far as we will be super jetlagged and tired

Day 2 - TOKYO
• Breakfast (egg sandwich at 7/11)
• Sensoji shrine- opens at 6:00am
• Nakamise Dore shopping street - most shops open at 10:00am
• Train or 10 minute TAXI ride to Akihabara
• Akihabara electronics district
• Hubby and brother just want to see the district - it's a must see for them
• Lunch here??
• 4:00pm show and 5:55pm show - Robot restaurant show - half will go while other half looks after toddler and goes to nearby Tokyo Plaza Hotel (mirrors with different angles) or Samurai museum or Don Quijote shopping and then we will swap!

Day 3 -TOKYO
• 9:15am to 12:30pm - TeamLab - Borderless
• 10 minute TAXI ride
• 12:45pm to 2:30pm - Aqua City - 5th floor has ramen theme food place so have lunch here
• Mega Web Toyota Showroom
• Pallette Town Big Ferris wheel
• Mario Kart ride with either of the following two companies:

Day 4 - TOKYO
• Breakfast at Harajuku/Takeshita Street - possibly Pancakes
Hang out here for a couple of hours
• Baird Beer Taproom vs. Kawaii Monster Café (split group, some will go to one and others to other)
• Shibuya crossing
Go to the Starbucks 2nd floor overlooking the crossing and enjoy the view from the glass windows
• Sunset and Night time SKYLINE View at Shibuya SKY (new and incredible) - Sunset expected around 6:35pm
• Dinner in Shibuya

DAY 5 - We leave for KYOTO

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Sounds good.
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