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JR train pass requirement 2020/1/10 13:22
If I am planning a travel in just Osaka,Kyoto,Kobe,Takayama Region switching every 3days. Do i still need a JR pass?
by Mic (guest)  

Re: JR train pass requirement 2020/1/10 16:08
First of all, you never gneedh a Japan Rail Pass. You can buy individual JR Shinkansen tickets too. It is a matter of if a pass pays off or saves you money.
Secondly, where are you leaving Japan from?
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Re: JR train pass requirement 2020/1/10 16:15
Hard to say, most likely not.

As PP said, you can buy individual tickets as well, or investigate the different regional passes that exist which should work nicely for the Kansai region.

Train passes are also time restricted. Some are x consecutive days, others as x out of y days. From your post it seems you are staying 3 days each in each of those locations, so maybe not that much movement in total. (although I would ask why you need to move hotels between Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe instead of just staying in one of those 3 cities).

Enjoy planning your trip!
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Re: JR train pass requirement 2020/1/10 17:01
Thanks guys for the inputs

I will move around as I will want to cut down on my traveling time and not have just day trips to Kyoto or Kobe by staying in Osaka.

I also look to do some trekking up to the small mountains in different so rather stay in the area instead of traveling back to Osaka daily.

Thus was thinking if i even need a JR pass for 5 days in Kansai or i should keep to daily purchase and also Airport Express tickets and i will be in Japan for 10days

1st day Aiport to Osaka
2nd to 4th day - Osaka
5th or 7th day - Kyoto
8th day Day - Kobe
9 to 10th day - Osaka again

Any other areas I should consider in Kansai area?
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Re: JR train pass requirement 2020/1/11 11:38
For that schedule the national pass wouldn't payoff, and even some of the local Kansai passes would struggle to save you much.
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Re: JR train pass requirement 2020/1/11 15:52
Definitely do NOT get the JRP for this. As PP Said probably not even a Kansai pass is going to pay off. Just get an IC card and pay as you go.

Any other areas I should consider in Kansai area?

Inner Nara prefecture
Wakayama shi
Wakayama prefectures

Enjoy your trip to Kansai!
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Re: JR train pass requirement 2020/1/15 17:31
Hi Mic,

About this pass, you should know it only pays off if you want to travel quite a lot on long-distance trips. If not, then I recommend you to check other transportation tickets because, in the end, it wouldn't be worth it. If I were you, I would check the complete itinerary on Hyperdia to see what to do. If you don't know what Hyperdia is, it's a handy transportation tool. This Japanese planning tool offers you the possibility to plan your trip from station to station with updated schedules, train information, and prices. More information. https://www.jrailpass.com/hyperdia  ;

I hope this helps you to decide what pass to choose.
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Re: JR train pass requirement 2020/1/16 04:13
Note that the link in the post above (a) doesnft work and (b) is nothing more than a thinly-disguised advertisement designed to send you to a Spanish website selling JR Passes.

There are a lot of websites that have gJRh, gRailh, gPassh, JR Railh, gRailPassh, gJRPassh etc., in various permutations and combinations in their name. None of them is an official JR website as JR does not (currently) sell JR Passes directly (except in person in Japan).

If you need a JR Pass, start here at this JR site by finding an agent in your country and preferably in your city. Buy your JR Pass from them, preferably in person if you can.


The current (official) prices in yen for JR Passes can be found here -


Agents are free to set their own prices in local (or other) currency and their own delivery and other fees. Check that the price being charged is reasonable compared with the yen price translated at current exchange rates. Depending on the agent, you may be able to pick up the Pass (i.e., the exchange voucher for the Pass) in person or have it sent to you at no charge.

JR plans to start selling JR Passes directly outside Japan but that will not happen for another few months at least -


As for checking the price of individual train tickets (and for train times etc.) use the website at Hyperdia. Herefs a sample link that should work. Adjust the date, time, origin and destination etc. to suit your trips.

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