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If I go to TUJ for 1 year can I transfer out? 2020/1/11 01:25
Hello, I am panicking about this right now.
I was about to apply for TUJ, but I only now am seeing all the awful things that happen there.
I don't want to go to a school that won't let me go to grad school.
I missed all the applications deadlines for the other schools I want to go to because I was horribly sick for a while. (Hokkaido ISP, Waseda, Tokyo University, ect).
Could I go to TUJ for a year and then transfer if it is really as awful as everyone says?
I don't know what to do anymore, schools in America close their deadlines in about 4 days and I was supposed to give a 2 week notice.
I would appreciate any kind of help, please, if anyone knows.
Thank you so much.
by legendaryramen  

Re: If I go to TUJ for 1 year can I transfer out? 2020/1/11 16:36
Yes, of course you can transfer, I did so myself many years back.
And yes, it is a overly expensive, shitty school with half an office building as their "campus".
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