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How to pay a utility bill from outside Japan? 2020/1/13 11:33
TL;DR: What is the easiest (one-time) way to pay a Japanese utility bill, when you are not in Japan?

In Japan, all of my utility bills come by mail, and I pay them at the local conbini. I just moved out of my apartment. I fly out of Japan tonight. My spouse and I both thought the other person had cancelled the electricity, but neither of us had cancelled it.

I want to call the electric company (Chubu Electric Power) now and cancel. But I won't be able to pay a paper bill at a conbini like I usually do, because I will be outside the country. Is there another way to pay it, without bothering my Japanese friends by making them do it for me?

For example, can I call and pay by (VISA) credit card? Or is there bank information on the bill so I can do a bank transfer?
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Re: How to pay a utility bill from outside Japan? 2020/1/13 16:21
Ask the electric company. You are going to call them anyway so they can explain you how to pay.
I know that we paid with a direct authorization for tepco to take the money from our account, so there should be a way of doing a bank transfer.
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