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Hand over extra documents change of visa 2020/1/14 18:49
Good night,

So I applied for the change of visa today (from student to working visa), but just now I have realized that I didn't hand over one of my documents, which is a copy of my Undergraduate Certificate...

They did not say anything about it, but I am wondering if that could be a problem, and if maybe I could go back to the Immigration office bureau to deliver the document copy tomorrow.

They didn't ask me for it but I am a bit scared that they might need it, in my resume I have it written that I have a Bachelor's degree. Also, I did hand over the Certificate Translation, but didn't hand the original certificate copy... What do you think I should do?

Thanks in advance.
by felipe (guest)  

Re: Hand over extra documents change of visa 2020/1/15 14:28
You could always just call and ask them. That might be easier and give you piece of mind instead of just worrying. If they didn't say anything, it may be ok, but I would call or visit them to ask just to be sure. Trust me, I know how it feels when it comes to important documents like that and making sure you have everything in order.

Hope that info helps!
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Re: Hand over extra documents change of visa 2020/1/15 16:10
I think that copy is requested, as you already know.
it is better to bring it to the office where you applied.
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