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Worried about Japanese visa 2020/1/15 09:29
Hello everyone~ first of all I apologise if my English isn't on par but please bare with me x)
I am applying for a tourist/visiting friend visa to Japan from a 3rd world country (Algeria) and you know how hard it is for us to do so.x)
So here is my story : I have been in a steady long distance relationship with a Japanese woman for the past 4years now she is 37 I am 30. We got to know each other pretty well in all this time we exchanged many letters and packages and we talk by phone (line) everyday for
long time ,and because of work schedule for her it's hard to meet in person. so she sent me an invitation letter, in my country in order to apply for a Japanese visa you have to send the required documents by fax and wait for them to give you a date to bring the original documents along with passport. So I faxed the documents and waited and waited and waited until I couldn't wait anymore so I called the embassy and an Algerian employee picked the phone. I explained my situation and he asked what I do for a job (I work in a bakery as stock manager. Hard to find a job here ) then he said he will check. 1minute later he answered and said : "I am sorry but the embassy didn't accept your fax" I was deviated...I asked why and he said he doesn't know and hanged up. He also said it's okay to apply again tommorow if I want to (which I know it's not how it works) I was sad and so was she but we decided to do something. We decided to meet for the first time,she took a break from her job and so did I and we decided to meet in a close country where I don't need a visa to visit and we did. We met last year on April in Malaysia and everything was perfect and went exactly as I wanted. I also proposed to her in a more appropriate manner =)
We were happy and still are. Which brings me back to today we have decided for me to move to Japan and get married there. This time for my Visa application she sent me documents which makes her my "Guarantor" along with invitation and her job papers,I will also add the fact that we met in my application backed with photos of us together in Malaysia as a proof of contact between us so the finance part isn't required of me . Yet I still worry that my fax or visa might get declined or something x) what should I do if that happened? For her to travel to my country is very difficult x)
In case I can't make it to Japan is it possible for us to get married in another country? For example Tunisia. Would the marriage be recognized in Japan? or does it have to be recognized in my country as well? I just want us to be together and life is proving difficult x(
If you guys have any tips or advices or anything that can help me I would really appreciate it =/

Thank you for reading and am very sorry for the long post x)
Have a nice day everyone~
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Re: Worried about Japanese visa 2020/1/15 14:24

It is very nice that you found your love in another country! I know how that feels and I had done that as well in the past. :)

In regards to your situation, keep in mind that when you want to be married, the government wants to make sure that you have a legitimate relationship and aren't there to take advantage of the system in any way. I'm not sure with your country if it's more difficult compared to others, but if your document got rejected the first time, you could always try again.

The best thing you could do is to check with an immigration lawyer online and just ask. Most people on a forum can't really give you legal advice of what you want to do and what Japan will allow as far as foreigners go of marrying in another country and then bringing that person to Japan.

Have you tried to look online in regards to being married to a Japanese national, but doing it in another country? I would just try to make sure that they would accept your documents in Japan and also to double-check with an immigration lawyer. That's the best advice I can give and I wish you good luck!
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Re: Worried about Japanese visa 2020/1/15 17:40
Japan recognises marriages that have taken place in foreign countries. I don't know if that applies to ALL countries, but I can tell you for sure they recognise UK marriages for visa, and basically all other purposes.
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Re: Worried about Japanese visa 2020/1/16 19:38

Thank you very much for your reply =)
I searched the net about marriage in another country,it is possible but sadly my country won't recognize the marriage it seems and Japan require the marriage to be recognized in my home country . I took your advice and tried an online immigration lawyer and he said it's difficult to do so in another country and not my country or Japan,he also suggested I come to Japan on a temp visa and get married here and he can take my case to change visa type.(my main concern is to get the visa to Japan though x) and that was the end of my free consultation x)
But my spouse and I decided to hire a lawyer once I make to japan.

To be frank and honest I am worried about the visa application. I know everything is in order paperwork wise and she is my Guarantor which got to mean something but my country has a habit of foul play (like I said in the previous message I applied before by fax and I had a feeling that the fax never reached the hand of the Japanese embassy employees so it was swept under the rug) and that's why am being anxious x) this time my spouse will personally call the Japanese embassy and inquire about my Visa application hopefully because she is a native Japanese they will hear her request and everything will go as expected.

The stress though... x)

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Re: Worried about Japanese visa 2020/1/17 01:14
You could also have her contact the Japanese embassy in your country, they should've some mail address published on the webpage. In my case that helped a lot (although it's a different situation, not related to a Japanese Visa but some law related stuff) as she got a lot of feedback and they were really helpful and friendly.
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Re: Worried about Japanese visa 2020/1/17 08:00
Thank you for the advice =)
Yes,she will do that once I fax my Visa request,she will call the Japanese embassy in my country by phone and explain the situation, perhaps by doing so will provide the embassy employee an extra background to our situation and add a backbone to my request and
help transit the visa process easily and much more smoothly.

Fingers crossed x)
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