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Unpaid pension affect getting COE 2nd time? 2020/1/15 11:51
Hello everyone! I was hoping I could get some insight on this problem I have.

Details about the question: (if there's any grammatical mistake forgive me, I'm not a native english speaker)

I was a student for almost a year from September 2018 to August 2019, so I did the paperwork for pension payment exemption, but failed to realize that I'd have to do the process again on July 2019 (didn't tick the box in the form and didn't check the mail properly after that, which was my mistake and I own that. Also at the time I didn't even think about ever wanting to go back).

So the relative I was staying with got some bills for the last 2 months of pension that I haven't paid, and I did some research and you can do the paperwork up to 2 years after the date the payment was due (which I would do when I move back), and I plan on doing the CoE process later this year for a Long Term Resident visa (I'm 3rd generation Japanese descendant). Searching in Japanese I get results on how not paying will affect getting PR, but nothing about Long Term Visa.

My question is: will these 2 months of unpaid pension affect the process of obtaining the CoE and should I send my relative the money so he can pay for me? Or could I risk it and apply anyway and juat hope for the best?
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