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Working visa application questions 2020/1/15 21:50
Hi there,

I'm about to apply for a working visa (have my CoE and everything) and have some questions about specific parts of the application. Some information to note is that I am Australian, and from a rural place so I am applying by post (so no interview questions will be happening in my case).

I've also asked my recruitment contact in Japan these questions, though she's yet to get back to me, and I'm planning on calling the consulate to ask them too. I just want to hear other people's input and experiences as well.

1. Regarding the "current employment/position" question, if I am unemployed, do I say so? Or do I enter the work I will be undertaking in Japan? Will being currently unemployed hurt my chances at all?

2. Regarding the "guarantor/reference" and "inviter" questions, would this be my employer? It asks some pretty personal information, so I'm a little unsure of what they want.

Thanks in advance for any help!
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Re: Working visa application questions 2020/1/16 10:43
Hello! I would just be very honest to them and tell them that you aren't currently working. They know that you're going to be working for a company here, but they are just asking what you are "currently" doing. Just let them know you aren't working.

As for the guarantor, that's usually the company who is hiring you as they are "sponsoring" you and taking care of you. I hope the info helps!
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Re: Working visa application questions 2020/1/16 10:58
Thanks for the response!

Yeah, I called the consulate earlier today and they basically said as much. I still have to wait on my company to let me know what I should write in the guarantor section, but I feel a lot better about it all now.

I've applied for a (student) visa before but have pretty much forgotten the entire process since then so it's been a bit stressful trying to make sure I'm doing everything right.
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Re: Working visa application questions 2020/1/16 11:00
Always fill in the documentation based on truth.

Currently you are unemployed and this you have to feel in.
For your second question you have to fill in the company who is your sponsor.
I have no idea what they ask which are private but I do not think they ask unnecessary things.

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