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47 Ronin woodprints gallery 2020/1/16 06:46
I would like to visit the gallery that displays the collection of Japanese 47 Ronin woodblocks. Could you pleas give me the details Thank You
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Re: 47 Ronin woodprints gallery 2020/1/18 07:27
If you mean the wooden statues of the samurai, the museum is located inside the Sengaku temple, which is also the cemetery of the samurai, you have to pay for a museum ticket, the wooden carvings are in a different building than the museum, in front of it.
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Re: 47 Ronin woodprints gallery 2020/1/19 00:57
This book is apparently illustrated with the full set of the prints -


There are various dealers that have some of the prints for sale. However, I don't know of any gallery that has the full set on display -- if you find one, let us know!
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Re: 47 Ronin woodprints gallery 2020/1/19 01:05
Some other information on this site -


Warning: Very hard on the eyes. There's a reason most 'printed' material uses black ink on a white background and not the other way around - the site linked above illustrates this point perfectly.
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