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Does Japan Tax Life Insurance Payouts? 2020/1/16 12:00
I am an American with a Japanese wife. We live in Japan. I have a Life Insurance policy that was opened in the USA. My wife is currently the beneficiary. In the USA, normally death benefit payouts are not taxed. When I die, will the Japanese government tax my life insurance policy's payout to my wife?
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Re: Does Japan Tax Life Insurance Payouts? 2020/1/16 17:26
As far as I know, there will be deductibles of 5million yen multiplied by the number of statutory heirs. So if your wife is the sole heir, she will have to pay inheritance tax on the portion of the life insurance that exceeds 5 million yen. If you have a child, the total number of heirs will be 2, so the portion that exceeds 10 million yen is taxable.
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Re: Does Japan Tax Life Insurance Payouts? 2020/1/16 17:53
when you are working in Japan (i.e. paying income tax), you can ask income tax deduction for life insurance payment. that is a maximum of 80000 yen every year.
since you don't pay income tax in that income portion, I think they make the limitation to receive life insurance money by no taxation.
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