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Itinerary - Kyushu Island (16 nights) 2020/1/16 13:10

We are planning to visit Kyushu for our third time to Japan in late October-Nov 2020. We will have out toddler with us (2.5 years old) and will be spending 16 nights in Kyushu Island.

Some background information about us, we just love Japanese food especially those specialty foods in different regions/ town. Thus, our first priority will be discovering all the different food each region can offer. Our second interest will be the cultural/ traditional sceneries/ traditional atmosphere that Japan - Kyushu island can offer that is different anywhere else. Our third interest will be some activities for my daughter - too much sceneries will probably bored her down. Hiking will definitely not in the list of activities, although me and my husband loved it, we cannot really hike with my child (she's 13 kgs now - too heavy for us to carry her all the time - and still stumble when walking)

So, having said that, I have briefly planned on the route to take but still need some adjustment and suggestion from all of you. We will be driving the entire time except on the last few days when we are at Fukuoka because I assume it will be hard to park and expensive etc. We also will be based ourselves in only few cities because we don't want to do alot of packing and unpacking, especially with my toddler.

I have found few interesting places/ activities that we want to do in each area, but still very unsure. I still feel that i missed a lot
Day 1: Arrived in Fukuoka late at night - stay over near airport for 1 night
Day 2: Rent a car - Drop by Imari to look at the porcelains – Nagasaki – Nagasaki Ropeway at night?
(any suggestion to do when we got to Nagasaki in late afternoon?)
Day 3 : Nagasaki (Penguin Aquarium) and stroll around Nagasaki City
(any suggestion, please let me know. i would assume we went to the aquarium after
lunch and maybe dinner around the city. Not sure what else we can do afterwards)
Day 4: Nagasaki Peace park – Please advise for any other stuff we can do
Day 5: Nagasaki - Kurokawa (via Shimabara and take the ferry) – at least off from driving for 1 hour – stay overnight at ryokan onsen
Day 6: Kumamoto (stroll around kumamoto square)
Day 7: Kumamoto – day trip Gokanosho
Day 8: Kumamoto - Planning to go to Sakuranobaba Josaien, suizenji jojuen garden
Day 9: Kumamoto – Takachiho Gorge, Shrine and surrounding, the traditional dance at night
Day 10: Takachiho – Beppu stay at Suginoi Hotel
Day 11: Beppu – day trip to African Safari
Day 12: Beppu – Taka Sakiyama – Fukuoka
I would like to do some fruit picking (as it would be persimmon season on October) between Beppu to Fukuoka. I found a few orchards along the way but cannot decide whether I should take the northern route or the southern route. Please advise. And also, if you could advise which orchard is the best because from my list now, it will be Migita Orchard, Takayamakaju Orchards, Yamandon ukinono fruit picking, i—LjΌ–Ψ‰ΚŽχ‰€, or ƒ‰ƒsƒ…ƒ^ƒtƒ@[ƒ€.

Day 13: we will be at Fukuoka.
Another question would be a day trip to those orchards or visit Kita Kyushu?

Day 14: Fukuoka – visit Umino naka michi – I would assume we will be spending the whole day around here

Day 15: visit Anpanman museum and shopping
Day 16: Shopping again – city center
Day 17: Going back to Sydney
Any suggestion will be appreciated for other activities in Fukuoka.

I am really open for any suggestions because Ifm unsure if the above itinerary is too relax and will have nothing to do for the remaining of the day or we will be alright? The above is mainly based on activities as I have not research on places to eat yet. 😊

Thank you very very much!
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Re: Itinerary - Kyushu Island (16 nights) 2020/1/16 18:43
You might think about Arita and Imari for porcelain.

Huis Ten Bosch (a theme park) near Nagasaki.

Between Nagasaki and Kumamoto is a small city called Yamagata, which has lots of canals. Your toddler might enjoy a canal ride. They are known for their freshwater eels (unagi) from the canals.

I also remember a Hello Kitty Land near Beppu. I think itfs actually called Harmony Land.

There is also an Aquarium and Monkey Island near Beppu.

Good luck, in planning your trip.
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