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Which JR Pass type should I take? 2020/1/16 16:11

My family and I are going to Japan for holiday this coming February (6 Feb 2020)
and we are wondering, which Pass type should we buy for this trip route:

Kyoto - Nara (1-day trip, back to Kyoto again) - Tokyo - Shizuoka (1-day trip, back to Tokyo again)
for 7 days.

We are actually planning on buying JR Pass, as it will cover the entire Nation JR train,
but we are wondering if it would be worth it with this trip route? (JR Pass is quite expensive >.<)
or is there any other (cheaper) option for us?


Thank you so much, and I hope somebody could help out a bit~ as we are really hesitating on what Pass to buy >.<

With Sincere,
A Newbie Traveller :)
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Re: Which JR Pass type should I take? 2020/1/16 18:10
Probably not. The rule of thumb is:
A round trip from Tokyo to Kyoto is slightly less than a 7 day JR pass (angelic chorus) if you get basic fare, less if you get a discount fare, or, a train/hotel package.

You usually need to have additional train travel, to warrant a 7 day JR pass (angelic chorus) such as a day trip from Kyoto to Himeji or Hiroshima. A day trip from Kyoto to Nara is not very significant.

In Kyoto, a bus day pass is much better for sightseeing than a JR pass (gasp.. cough, cough).

In fact, the Kyoto/Osaka/Kobe area has something called a Kansai Thru Pass that works on over a dozen private train and bus lines. How so many private lines flourish in one area is beyond me, and makes my head hurt.

Even then, if you are going from Kyoto to Nara (JR -720 yen or Kintetsu private train-640 yen), itfs cheaper just to get the tickets for the day, instead of getting either pass.

Use Hyperdia to calculate the total amount you will be spending.

Good luck, in planning your vacation.
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Re: Which JR Pass type should I take? 2020/1/16 18:18
You can buy Japan bus pass 7 Day =15000 yen for unlimited travel in Tokyo,Kyoto,Nara,Osaka etc prefecture non consecutive days whole of Japan
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Re: Which JR Pass type should I take? 2020/1/17 07:45
Kyoto - Nara = Y720 x 2
Kyoto - Tokyo = Y13,970
Tokyo - Shizuoka = Y6,270 x 2

Total = Y27,950
7 day JR Pass = Y29,650

I assume you're flying in to KIX (Kansai) and departing from Tokyo (Haneda or Narita)? The Limited Express Haruka from KIX - Kyoto is Y3,230 and the Narita Express from Tokyo - Narita is Y2,870, a total of Y6,100. If you do all of it within the 7 days, then the 7 day Pass becomes worthwhile (though note that you can't use the Nozomi Shinkansen and have to take a Hikari between Kyoto and Tokyo if you're using a JR Pass).

As already suggested, for train times, fares etc, use the website at Hyperdia. Here's an example (just copy and paste the whole thing in to your browser). Adjust the date, time, origin, destination etc. to suit -


Whether or not you get a JR Pass, get a prepaid IC card (an ICOCA if you're arriving at KIX). Use it to pay for local trains (non-JR + JR if you don't have a Pass), subway, buses, at convenience stores and some supermarkets, cafes, restaurants, vending machines and left luggage lockers.


If you don't get a JR Pass and are arriving at KIX, you may be interested in the ICOCA + Haruka bundle -

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