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Pipe smoking and tobacco shops 2020/1/16 18:03

As an older gentleman who still occasionally smokes a tobacco pipe, can you kind folks enlighten me as to what the rules and customs are for smoking a pipe in Japan, or maybe point me to the right place that can? Here in America I can often find a pleasant quiet spot in a park or outside a nice cafe where I can puff away. I usually keep away from people when I do but even so in all my years I've only ever gotten compliments on the smell, often with people remarking it reminds them of their father or grandfathers. My travels take me to Japan soon for 3 months and I'd like to be able to bring a pipe with me. What can I expect?

Thank you very kindly in advance,
by Dan (guest)  

Re: Pipe smoking and tobacco shops 2020/1/16 19:52
You're overthinking it. Smoke a pipe however you like, there are no special Japanese customs for you to observe. Just be aware that smoking a pipe in a non-smoking area is just as prohibited as smoking a cigarette in a non-smoking area, so watch for signs.
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Re: Pipe smoking and tobacco shops 2020/1/16 21:08
You will definitely be an unusual sight (but I think nowadays nearly everywhere pipe smokers are unusual sights, which is a real pity, as that was the only smokers I ever liked seeing and smelling). But yeah, as long as you donLt smoke in a area where it is prohibited, you are legally fine.

In Japan you can still smoke in a lot of restaurants and bars (and people do). But I am not sure if I would do that with a pipe. But strictly speaking it should be allowed.

If you want to smoke in your hotel room, youLd need to get a smoking room. Often there however the entire floor smells of old smoke. So if you can help it, non-smoking rooms are much nicer to sleep in.

In office buildings there are normally some smoking corners either outside, or a dedicated room. I never went to one... but see them full of cold smoke.

Just look out for other smokers (specially Japanese smokers), and where they smoke, you can smoke.

Enjoy your stay in Japan!
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Re: Pipe smoking and tobacco shops 2020/2/27 14:45
There are regulations which you have to follow, does not matter if you smoke cigarette, pipe etc.
There are some smoking areas and non smoking areas. Often it is mentioned.
Just going to the park for smoking does not work in Japan unless, special dedicated areas.

Other than that you will be fine
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Re: Pipe smoking and tobacco shops 2020/5/6 10:21
Nice informative thread. I changed my smoking from cig to electronic so this thread basically answered my concern.
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Re: Pipe smoking and tobacco shops 2020/5/14 19:03
Should you ran out of tobacco or loose your pipe, Don Quijote (a.k.a. Donki) shops all have a full tobacconist section where you could buy some. I smoke rolling tobacco and I lost my pouch, papers and filters when I was in Kagoshima but was able to buy new ones there (at a slightly higher price than in Europe) and also noticed they had paraphernalia for pipe smokers.
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