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Finding Japanese friends 2020/1/16 23:45
Hi, I have already received a lot of useful information from the users of JG on how to plan my first time to Japan, travelling solo.
I have another question, are there any Apps where I can make Japanese friends ? No romance, just simple friendship.
As I am a female travelling alone, it would be nice to meet somebody and just go out for a drink or a meal and chat a little bit.
In Italy we usually don't have any problems making new friends and being very open and talkative but I guess the Japanese people are a bit different.
Is meeting for a coffee something strange to them for example?

Thank you
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Re: Finding Japanese friends 2020/1/17 14:57
Hello! You could always use an app called "hellotalk" as it allows for foreigners and Japanese to speak for free with each other. You could make good fiends that way and possibly meet them if they will be in the area that you are staying.

Another app I tried before was "conversation exchange" which allows for friends too. Good luck!
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Re: Finding Japanese friends 2020/1/27 16:58
Well, it's not usual for us (most Japanese) to meet for coffee for the first time.
But these days some people are getting open to befriending strangers.
So I suggest you going to a cafe like STARBUCKS or visiting University that is internationally opened like Sophia Univ (gate is always left open). Or if you have any interest in Japanese anime or manga, try visiting Akihabara. You can catch many Otaku who talks a lot.
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