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ANA Haneda intl to domestic transfer 2020/1/17 11:08
I will be arriving at Haneda from my home country at 5:30 am, with a domestic connecting flight to Itami at 8:00 am. I've read posts about transfer details at Haneda, so just one question to ask. Will ANA rearrange me to later flight if I miss my connection?

The international flight ticket was issued by a travel agency in my home country and I bought the domestic flight ticket from the ANA experience Japan website. Both carriers are ANA.
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Re: ANA Haneda intl to domestic transfer 2020/1/17 14:50
Are you afraid that you will miss the connection time? It seems like you have plenty of time to connect from that flight to the domestic one. I probably wouldn't worry about it. Even if you were to miss your flight, they could just book you on the next one as you could explain that you were flying internationally.
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Re: ANA Haneda intl to domestic transfer 2020/1/17 16:49
I think the OP worries about the delay of international flight. Though 150 min in Haneda (fairly small-size airport) is enough, the international flight might delay by 3 hours. I searched but did not find explicit statement by ANA. As Motti15 wrote, ANA will just re-book an appropriate flight for you, but they can't guarantee re-booking since in some case all flights are fully booked.

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