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Train Narita/Yokohama 2020/1/19 18:20
Good morning, do I need to change trains when going from Narita International airport to Yokohama? Where do I buy the tickets? can I pay the fare with credit card? Can I book and pay from home?
Thank you for advise
Ina Bokstad
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Re: Train Narita/Yokohama 2020/1/20 10:20
The Narita Express (NEX) will do what you want.... Well... part of the NEX will. It is a specialized airport limited express train, and has extra areas for luggage.

In general, the odd number NEX go towards Narita Airport, the even numbered one go away from the Airport. You will want an even numbered one.

Some NEX trains are two trains in one.

When this happens, the NEX leaves Narita Airport as two linked trains. At Tokyo Station, the two are unlinked, and the front goes to Yokohama, and the back goes to Ikebukuro.

I checked, and 20 NEX trains split at Tokyo, and 7 are single trains. Get your tickets at the JR office at the airport, and make sure you specify Narita to Yokohama.

Good Luck, in planning your trip.
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Re: Train Narita/Yokohama 2020/1/20 10:22
Once you arrive at the airport, they have an airport shuttle that goes to certain provinces in Tokyo. I believe that one of them is Yokohama, since it's close by to Tokyo.

Do you plan on getting Japanese Yen in Japan? You don't need to use a credit card as you can just buy your train ticket right there at the airport near the trains. There are plenty of people working there as well who can direct you to the best way of how to get there.

The fastest is by Shinkansen, but you honestly don't need to. A local train should get you there from the airport.
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Re: Train Narita/Yokohama 2020/1/20 10:44
For train times etc, use the website at Hyperdia. This link may look ugly but just cut and paste the whole thing into your browser. Adjust the date and time to suit -


If you click on the gInterval timetableh link under any of the train names, it will give you a list of all the trains for the day, like this -


One way fare Narita to Yokohama on the NEX is Y4,170.

Note that the Shinkansen does not go to Narita.
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Re: Train Narita/Yokohama 2020/1/20 10:48
I usually get enough Yen to cover my first day or two before I arrive at Narita Airport. I have only taken the NEX once. I usually use the Keisei Skyliner to Nippori. I currently have enough on my IC Suica card to do that.

I am guessing that you can pay for a JR ticket or pass with a credit card, but I am not sure. There are ATMs at the airport, which I would recommend. They have a very good exchange rate.

You could either pay for the ticket, buy a NEX Tokyo round trip ticket, or a JR pass of some sort. If you purchase a National JR exchange ticket outside of Japan, you could get your pass at the airport, and then use it to get your ticket for the train. There are several more localized versions on The JR pass, that also include the NEX.

Go to Japan Guide - Plan A Trip - Transportation, and then look at rail passes, or, transportation around Narita, for more information.
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Re: Train Narita/Yokohama 2020/1/20 18:15
It is about 4000 yen Narita airport to Yokohama - I'll be doing this in February and then onto one of the local stations. As a no-transfer option to Yokohama it's pretty good, but not the cheapest option.
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Re: Train Narita/Yokohama 2020/1/21 06:38
Our arrival is always at Narita Terminal 1 in the afternoon so not sure about Terminal II. The NEX trains depart Terminal 1 and make a stop at Terminal II. Wefve caught the NEX from Narita to Yokohama Station a number of times with the next in May. Most NEX trains stop at Yokohama but some DO NOT. As another Poster said, some will stop in Tokyo, unlink with one section going to Yokohama. When you buy your tickets and specify your stop at Yokohama, your seat assignment is on the train that goes to Yokohama, so no worries. The ticket cost is 4,170 Yen and we always pay with Yen dollars, so no not sure about credit card payment. We buy 1-way NEX tickets and later exchange our JR Rail Pass Exchange Order for the 7-Day Rail Pass for our 9 nights in Japan. Note that you can use the Rail Pass for NEX.
Since your Actual Arrival time at Narita is uncertain, best to buy tickets after your arrival. And, NEX roundtrip tickets are also available.

At Terminal 1, after baggage claim you will enter the Arrival Hall. Take the down escalator. There you will see JR Travel Center where you can buy NEX tickets/Get your Rail Pass. If for only NEX tickets, you can also buy the tickets across the hallway. Facing the entrance to JR Travel Center, directly behind you and slightly to your right is the NEX Ticket Counter. After buying your tickets, the NEX Entrance is to your Left within 20 feet. After clearing the ticket agent, straight ahead is the Down escalator to the NEX train platform.

For NEX train schedule, use Hyperdia.com/en. Enter FROM: Narita [select Terminal 1 or 2], next enter TO: Yokohama followed by Date & Time. Below DEPARTURE, click on More Options. Then, uncheck all except Limited Express, Express and Japan Railway [JR]. Then click Search. Select your preferred departure time, making sure the destination is Yokohama. From the Schedule, click on Train Timetable directly under the NEX Train number to see the Stops before Yokohama. When you get to Yokohama Station and exit NEX station, across the hall is JR Service Center. Go to the Center at the Right side of the ticket gates for Rail Pass and train tickets. There, take a ticket from the Ticket Dispenser and wait for your number to appear on the screen. Trust that this answers your questions.
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