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Did Dominoes Pizza raise prices? 2020/1/19 18:32
Several months ago sometime last year was the last time I ordered pizza from Dominoes Japan and the sizing was S, M, and L, L was in the 2000-3000 dollar range but this year when I checked their website the sizing chart changed to M, R, L and L seems to be in the 4000yen range now and S size is eliminated. Did the pizzas increase in size that is why the price got higher or did the sizes like the L stay the same size with the price hiked?
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Re: Did Dominoes Pizza raise prices? 2020/1/22 09:36
Keep in mind, you may be looking at one area of promos where pizzas are those expensive because of all the toppings and crust. Try to look around on the settings for the deals, because I ordered not too long ago and was able to get 2 medium pizzas for 2000 yen
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Re: Did Dominoes Pizza raise prices? 2020/1/22 12:45
As far as I remember Domino had always M, R, and L size pizzas. Even just checked all my orders in the email.

Pizzas in Japan are expensive but on the other side domino has often good discounts.
Such as weekdays M size for 799 yen, order two get one free, or pizza 50% discount.

If you order delivery you often pay around 1000 yen extra.
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Re: Did Dominoes Pizza raise prices? 2020/1/30 16:49
Problem is that all the major pizza chains already plan to have huge discounts up to 50% from the beginning and therefore setting the normal price so high. I think I would never order without any kind of discount.

Small tip for pizza lovers, go to Costco and buy some Pizza there. They have huge pizzas for good prices. I usually buy 3 uncooked ones, cut them at home to pieces and freeze them, that way I can always make a piece if I feeling hungry. And yes, they still taste very good after freezing and cooking.
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