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Survival game (airsoft) in Japan 2020/1/19 22:16
I've tried airsoft in Japan, which is quite fun and I just need to know how to reduce the velocity of the rifle so it meets the requirements of less than 300 fps. Does anyone have experience playing airsoft in Japan and know how to reduce it from an electric M4?

Any feedback is welcome.
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Re: Survival game (airsoft) in Japan 2020/1/21 00:54
I play Airsoft but in Mexico, and i only think of two possible ways:
1.- First see if there are restriction in your field to use heavier BBs, if you are using .20 BBs then your FPS will be more than if you use .25BBs and so on
2.- Buy a spring and see if your motor can handle it and your Gears.
or also you can buy a CQB replica or if you have a a pistol a RONIN equipment
I see in google maps that in Akihabara there are some stores that especialices in Airsoft, you should try it too.
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Re: Survival game (airsoft) in Japan 2020/1/21 08:46
You can replace the spring in you gun with weaker one. This will reduce the velocity.
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