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30 days visa pause 2020/1/20 13:01
My country only gives 30 days visa to Japan.
I am applying to join my spouse to get married in Japan.
So my question is can I ask for a pause stamp on my Visa time while we wait for the immigration bureau's check on our marriage? Or this doesn't apply for my 30 days visa,any one with similar situation?
by Shenron  

Re: 30 days visa pause 2020/1/20 19:48
I assume you are not yet married, and are planning to come to Japan on Temporary Visitor status, which is only for 30 days, get married in Japan, and then apply for a change from Temporary Visitor to Spouse of Japanese while staying in Japan (if your spouse is Japanese)?

Once you arrive in Japan, get married in Japan, and apply for a change to Spouse of Japanese National, and when the immigration authorities gaccepth your application, you will get a stamp in your passport allowing you to stay in Japan while they review your papers. I believe the extension is for 2 months or until they reach a conclusion.

Is this what you mean when you say gpauseh?

If this is what you are planning to do, please be sure to do a good research beforehand for (1) exactly what documents/procedures you need to get married in Japan – because it may vary by nationality, and (2) exactly what documents you need later to apply for a change of status.
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