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Pass for Nagoya-Kyoto-USJ-Nara-Kobe-Osaka 2020/1/20 23:36
Hi Everyone, I'm in the midst of planning my honeymoon trip to Japan (Our FIRST time to Japan) and i am overwhelmed by the wide variety of passes that are available and require some assistance to help facilitate my planning. Any useful input will be greatly appreciated!

Travel date: 27 Mar - 09 Apr 2020 (14D 13N)

*Nagoya 27-29 Mar 2020 (2N)

Stay at Kintetsu/Meitetsu station
Places to go:
Day 1 (Transport Pass: No)- Nabana No Sato
Day 2 (Transport Pass: No)- Esca Underground Shopping Centre | Noritake Garden | Sky Promenade

*Kyoto 29-01 Apr 2020 (3N)

Stay at Shijo / Kyoto-Kawaramachi Station
Places to go:
Day 3 (Transport Pass: No)- Travel from Nagoya to Kyoto (Free Half day. Any recommendation?)
Day 4 (Transport Pass: Kansai One Pass / Kyoto Sightseeing Card) - Yasaka Shrine | Kodai-ji Temple | Fushimi Inari Shrine
Day 5 (Transport Pass: Kansai One Pass / Kyoto Sightseeing Card) - Arashiyama Bamboo Forest | Hozugawa River

*Osaka 01-09 Apr 2020 (8N)

Stay at Osaka-Umeda Station
Day 6 - Travel from Kyoto to Osaka (Free Half day. Any recommendation?) / Momofuku Ando Musuem
Day 7 (Transport Pass: Icoca) - Universal Studio Japan
Day 8 (Transport Pass: Kansai Thru Pass - 2days / Osaka Amazing Pass - 1day) - Todai-ji Temple | Nara Park | Kasuga-Taisha Shrine
Day 9 (Transport Pass: Kansai Thru Pass - 2days / Osaka Amazing Pass - 1day) - Rokkosan Cable Car | **Kobe Harbourland | **Meriken Park
(**Is there enough time for Kobe Animal Kingdom after Rokkosan Cable Car?)

Stay at Shinsaibashi Station/ 10Mins Walk to Namba Station
Day 10 - Free Day (Any recommendation?)
Day 11 (Transport Pass: Kansai Thru Pass - 2days / Osaka Amazing Pass - 1day) - Shitennoji Temple | Tsutenkaku Observatory
Day 12 (Transport Pass: Kansai Thru Pass - 2days / Osaka Amazing Pass - 1day) - Osaka Castle | Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan
Day 13 (Transport Pass: Icoca) - Cherry Blossom Viewing at Japan Mint
Day 14 (Transport Pass: Icoca) - Travel from Osaka to Kansai Airport
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Re: Pass for Nagoya-Kyoto-USJ-Nara-Kobe-Osaka 2020/1/21 12:37
I dont think the Kansai Thru Pass will pay off at all on both your days for 8/9 and 11/12, IC card should be enough.

You may want to shift Fushimi to Day 3, so you can spend whole of Day 4 in HIgashiyama and Gion area.

Recommendation - Himeji Castle is a must-go imo.

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Re: Pass for Nagoya-Kyoto-USJ-Nara-Kobe-Osaka 2020/1/29 22:49
Hi Delardino,

Thank you for your feedback. We will re-look into our travel plans and amend accordingly.

Have a great day ahead!
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