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Spring in Japan, except Sakura 2020/1/21 06:48
I have mostly been travelling to Japan during early and late summer and autumn the past times. Once I went in late March to early April to enjoy the Cherry blossoming.

It is a bit late now for this year, but is there anything else that is only possible during spring (March, April) while in Japan?

There are a few events like Anime Expo (I think it is called) but I am not really interested in that kind of events. Hiking is probably too early, as they say it is more of a summer activity. Hence I am asking for some inspiration or ideas what could be spring-only things :)

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Spring in Japan, except Sakura 2020/1/21 15:36
Hiking is definitely a possibility in spring if you have appropriate clothes. The highest mountains are still off limits, but mountains such as Takaosan (close to Tokyo) and closeby mountains are hikable all year. And there are many more.

Apart from Sakura, also other flowers bloom: https://www.japan-guide.com/e/e2423.html

Onsen would be an other really nice possibility at that time of the year (will kind of always except in the hottest of summer, for me)
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Re: Spring in Japan, except Sakura 2020/1/21 16:07
Mid to late April would be lovely (Avoiding Golden week right at the end of the month). The Sakura tourist peak will have passed and as @Likebike has said so many flowers will be blooming. I would aim for some of the famous Wisteria sites. The weather will be warm and nearly all hiking routes will be open. There are many festivals in April so I would aim to take at least one of those in.
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