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Travelling from Narita Airport to Nikko 2020/1/21 15:47
We are 4 adults entering Narita apt. on June 30th at about 14:30 than go to Nikko. We plan 3 nights at Nikko, than traveling to Tokyo on Friday July 3rd. It looks like Tobu line Nikko all pass is a good plan but I got confused about how to get from the airport to Asakusa station (which is the station to board the Tobu Nikko line). Which train should we board and how many transfers will be required on the way to Nikko.
Another question: Going back to Tokyo using the Tobu Nikko pass: We need to arrive at Shirokanedai STATION AT ABOUT 3pm. Does this pass will be good for the entire travel or we will have to by another ticket(s) ?
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Re: Travelling from Narita Airport to Nikko 2020/1/21 19:11
You gcouldh also go: Narita Airport – (JR Narita Express) – Tokyo – (JR Shinkansen) – Utsunomiya – (JR Nikko line) – Nikko. (If you go this way, you can buy the local Nikko bus pass separately.)

If you want to take the Tobu line from Asakusa to Tobu Nikko, take the Keisei Sky Access line/Access Limited Express train; there are some that go directly to Asakusa (the ones with the final destination gKeikyu Kurihamah), but some others require a change at Aoto, so youfd need to be careful.

For the way back: you need to pay for another ticket for the portion from Asakusa – Shirokanedai, as the subways you need to take to travel from Asakusa to Shirokanedai are not operated by Tobu Railway.
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Re: Travelling from Narita Airport to Nikko 2020/1/21 19:46
Thank you. Your answer is very helpful, especially about the correct train from Narita to Asakusa.
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Re: Travelling from Narita Airport to Nikko 2020/1/22 09:30
Lots of options:

One of the easier options might be just to get the Skyliner into Ueno and then either the Ginza line to Asakusa, or the Hibya line to Kita-Senju. From either Asakusa or Kitia-Senju join the Tobu network to Tobu-Nikko station.

Note that the JR option using the shinkansen to Utsunomia costs a more, but might save you some time. Narita Airport to Nikko is three to four hours depending on route.
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