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Access to snow out of season 2020/1/21 21:26
We are travelling to Japan April 7 - 15, and had hoped to visit Yuzawa Kogen to travel on the cable car to see snow (not to ski or snowboard). One of our group has never seen snow. The website shows that the Yuzawa Kogen season ends on April 5. Does this mean that the cable car does not operate after that date? Any other suggestions would be appreciated - day trip from Tokyo - we have JR passes. Thank you.
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Re: Access to snow out of season 2020/1/22 12:29
Not snow season. Sorry. Real simple.
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Re: Access to snow out of season 2020/1/22 15:01
You might possibly be there for opening day https://www.japan-guide.com/e/e7550.html
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Re: Access to snow out of season 2020/1/22 16:26

It's possible there will still be snow in Shiga Kogen, Hakuba and Nozawa. All three seem to have some slopes still open for skiing into mid-April to early May.

If you are content to just see snow and don't need to actually touch it just take a shinkansen up to Morioka, There is going to still be snow on Mt. Iwate or go to Shin-Aomori and take the JR Bus to the Hakkoda Ropeway. Chances are high you will still see snow there. I got caught in a blizzard near Towadako at the end of April, so...

I also saw snow from the Expressway bus between Tsuruoka and Yamagata City during Golden Week and there was some dirty, more ice than snow, piles up on top of Haguro-san still then too. It wasn't a lot, but if you are really into the idea of snow it might work for you. I personally am not a fan of snow. I've spent too many years shoveling it or paying someone to plow my driveway as well as having to drive in it to be excited for it. My child on the other hand loves it.

Shiga Kogen, Nozawa and Hakuba you can probably get to as a day trip from Tokyo, the places in Tohoku really need an overnight unless you are content to look at the snow on Mt. Iwate from Morioka Station. Heck, if you hit it right, you can go to Koiawi Farm near Morioka and see snowy Mt. Iwate in the background.

Good luck!
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