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COE for recently married couples? 2020/1/22 18:10

I am a half-Japanese woman recently married to my non-Japanese husband. I am currently based overseas as I am also a recognized Filipino citizen and hold Japanese citizenship. My husband and I were together for a total of 7 years prior to our marriage and thus, we have a LOT of proof that our marriage is not a sham.

Now, we are planning to move to Japan to start a family. We have professional careers here in the Philippines with years of experience under our belt, and I think that would immensely help us with finding a stable job once we move to Japan. Language-wise, my husband is great in English and is presently learning Japanese as well.

I understand that I cannot apply for a Certificate of Eligibility overseas thus, I would need one of my immediate family members in Japan to proxy with the application of the document. My immediate family members in Japan are my parents and my sister, who are all presently employed in Japan.

My question is, do we have to wait for a couple of months or a year before we apply for the COE? We only got married last December 2019. Also, does our proxy need to submit any bank certificates as well? I'm not that sure if my parents or sibling have sufficient funds in their banks, but my husband and I have healthy bank accounts here in the Philippines (around 3-4 million yen) which will support us enough while we look for jobs in Japan. Any advice on the application process?

Thank you and I appreciate any response in advance!
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Re: COE for recently married couples? 2020/1/23 08:04
Congratulations to you and I just want to answer your question in simple and short words don't waste the time just do it now but remember prepare and provide each and every documents which is required for the process I am married to a Filipino permanent resident in Japan we have a big age difference and we never met before we just met and after a month we got married and apply for spouse status and I got easily the reason was just we provide all documents properly if you provide all the required documents immigration has no reason to reject your application.
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Re: COE for recently married couples? 2020/1/23 08:50
I understand that I cannot apply
If you are a Japanese citizen, you do not need a COE. However, Japanese citizens cannot be dual citizens, you have to choose once you hit 22.
Presumably you are asking about a spouse visa for your husband.
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Re: COE for recently married couples? 2020/1/23 23:55
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