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Fuji Visibility 2020/1/23 03:43
We're visiting Japan for the first time and tempted to book an (eyewateringly expensive) hotel near Mt Fuji for the classic Japan view/experience. However I've heard that visibility isn't always good. Does anyone know what our chances might be of actually seeing Fuji in early April? Don't want to spend £850+ on a room with a view of ... clouds...!! thanks!
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Re: Fuji Visibility 2020/1/23 11:24
It simply depends on the weather for the day... and luck. They say visibility is better in colder months, when there is less moisture in the air. Personally, i would not book any hotel in that price range (unless thatfs what you are used to).
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Re: Fuji Visibility 2020/1/23 11:32
April is pretty much a complete roll of the dice for weather in Japan, as you could have anything from clear blue skies to 24 hours of rain in that month, and it wouldn't be unusual. Personally, I wouldn't let "possible view of Mt. Fuji" affect my hotel budget very much, so I'd probably only book an expensive hotel if I thought I'd enjoy it even if I didn't get to gaze at the mountain the whole time.
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Re: Fuji Visibility 2020/1/23 11:53
Staying close to Fuji gives you a better chance to see the mountain (from somewhere like Kawaguchi-ko), but in April, don't count on much visibility - maybe part of the day (early is better).

125,000 yen for a room - sounds way over-priced. Seriously, if you want a hotel with a view you can spend a quarter of that (or less) and still have a a room with a Fuji facing room.
If you really want a Fuji view, you could do a day-trip visit from Tokyo on a fine day. And the money you save could pay for a week in Japan.
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Re: Fuji Visibility 2020/1/23 13:17
Mt. Fuji is so big it creates its own weather. No way to know for sure. My guess is that if you book the hotel, it will be cloudy that day. If you do not, it will be perfectly clear with a great view. That's usually how luck works! :)

I wouldn't spend such a premium myself.
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Re: Fuji Visibility 2020/1/23 15:36
You donft necessarily need to see Fuji from a hotel room. Eg if you want to stay in the Kawakuchiko area, why not get a hotel at a normal price without a view and leave your hotel room to try and have a view.

But yes, I agree with the PPs that seeing or not Fuji is pretty much up to chance.
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Re: Fuji Visibility 2020/1/23 19:27
I'll jump in to ask a (kind of) related question.

I was thinking of including Hakone in my itinerary instead of Fuji Five Lakes.
The chances I get to see Mount Fuji are smaller in Hakone?

To the OP of this thread: That hotel price is ridiculous! I've been doing booking myself a fair amount of rooms around Japan and that is sooo expensive! Even the best Ryokan I've look out, with meals included, don't charge that much. Consider cancelling your reservation if you can.
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Re: Fuji Visibility 2020/1/23 19:31
Like many others have said, stay in Tokyo, await weather forecast for the next day. Once it is good enough, get there early for a day trip or stay at a cheaper hotel and enjoy the view from outside. Kawaguchiko has numerous of nice spots to enjoy the view.
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