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Mt. Fuji 2020/1/23 08:35
We have been advised that it is better to stay on the Northern side of Lake Kawaguchiko to try and see a glimpse of Mt. Fuji. What all is down near the lake and which accommodation name would someone recommend that is Not a hostel or home stay? Also what is there to do near the lake as now we are booked at Highlands Resort and we care nothing for the Fuji Q park and are concerned we are locked in there and cannot get to the lake to try and get a glimpse of Mt.Fuji. So far everything I have inquired about has Obstructed views of Mt. Fuji (Other buildings, lots of trees) and I have been advised that by being near the lake shore you would get an unobstructed view of Mt. Fuji if she shows herself. Please advise.
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Re: Mt. Fuji 2020/1/23 12:10
I thought I saw your question on another thread. Why would you stay in that place if you have no interest in the park?
From there, you walk to the station, take the train for one station to Kawaguchiko station, and from there you could take a bus to the northern shore, or walk around to the cruise boat pier or to the small ropeway.
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