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Tourist Visa 2020/1/24 04:30
I am working on my tourist visa to Japan and I am quite nervous about it..

I have been going through my paperwork more than ten times already lol. I know that my paperwork are all correct, it's just I tend to overthink too much it makes me doubt myself..

Ok so a little about me,
I'm Filipino but a provisional resident here in Australia and working full-time for almost two years now.

And here are my documents

Application with recent passport photo
Cover letter
Recent payslips and Tax return docs
Bank statements from my personal savings (I only have about $6,000 in that account)
And my shared account with my partner (where my pay goes through and some of his as well)
My vevo / immi information about my visa status
My flight and hotel booking for 15 days

I am tossing and turning and feel like there's more that I should have done..
If someone could impart and share their experiences or tips for a stronger application please do so I'll greatly appreciate any help...
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Re: Tourist Visa 2020/1/24 11:02
Just send it in.

No aus passport?
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Re: Tourist Visa 2020/1/24 15:40
So.. Let me get this straight if I read what I read is correct. You're here in Japan on a tourist visa, yet you are working right now? Did you get some kind of special permission to work in Japan by immigration? I would be very, very careful about working in a country when you don't have permission to do so.

Did you in fact get some special permission to do that? If you're from the Philippines, I know that tourist visas are also not given out for more than a month or so, which makes me wonder how you would be able to work in Japan without overstaying on your current visa.
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Re: Tourist Visa 2020/1/24 16:18
@Motti15, I think the OP means that she/he is gworking on getting all the docs together in order to apply for a tourist visah. Because OP also writes that he has a flight and hotel reservation for 15 days. So it seems she/he just wants to come to Japan as a regular tourist.

To OP, sorry I donft know the docs you need to apply for the visa, but just wanted to correct the impression that youfll want to work in Japan so this thread doesnft go stray.
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Re: Tourist Visa 2020/1/24 16:21
No I think the original poster is saying they are working on obtaining a tourist visa, i.e. Preparing documents etc. They are not working in Japan.

It says later in the post they are working "here in Australia", the poster appears to be in Australia at the moment, preparing documents to get a tourist visa for Japan.
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Re: Tourist Visa 2020/1/26 14:25
@Motti15- Sorry my bad, I just realized that I have written that differently which probably gave you that idea.

If you read my entire post I did stress that I am a provisional resident here in Australia and have been working for a couple years now as my visa entitles me so.

Yes, I am familiar with the rules, and quite frankly I would never be stupid enough to risk my credibility and status as I know how strict some countries can be.

The reason for this post was to see if anyone has gone through the same process as I have, or anyone who could offer any tips or advise before I send my application in to the Consul.

Kindly read the entire post next time before giving your assumptions or if you are not sure maybe ask? It won't hurt.

FYI: Tourist visas can be issued for up three months sometimes more depending on your financial capability and reasons(Some countries might have different conditions).I know this as I was initially on a tourist visa in Australia with those conditions before aquiring my PV.

Thanks for your input anyway.

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Re: Tourist Visa 2020/1/27 08:51
The original post was entirely clear you were living/working in Australia and applying as a citizen of the Philippines.
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