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Picking attractions in Tokyo 2020/1/24 12:24

I'll have only 3.5 days in Tokyo on my trip to Japan(and half a day before I leave), and meanwhile I thought about these attractions:

Meguro Parasitological Museum

One act in Kabuki theater

Sougenji Kappa-Dera temple

Shiboya cross

Sky-Tree Tower

Imperial Palace

Maybe Asakusa...?

Are there places that no worth wasting time on them?Other must-see places?

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Re: Picking attractions in Tokyo 2020/1/25 08:52
Ummm... definitely a very curious list of places to visit

Meguro Parasitological Museum Wow, that sounds interesting. I didn't even know about it... but I'll check it out next time I am in Tokyo

One act in Kabuki theater I personallly am a Kabuki fan so would do the 3 acts, but yes, even just one act is fine.

Sougenji Kappa-Dera temple Never heard about that one... but yeah, why not. Explore the unknown and Kappas are cute.

Shiboya cross Assuming that you mean "Shibuya crossing" (I would normally be sure, but you have selected very peculiar places, so maybe there is a Shiboya somewhere...). Yeah, I think it is nice, but it will only take about 10 min. For me it is best seen from above, from the connection bridge between Keio train and JR trains.

Sky-Tree Tower Assuming that you want to go up, be informed that you might need to reserve a ticket. I only tried it once, and when I arrived already all tickets for the next many hours were sold out and I would have needed to wait for like 4 h... which I didn't do. Also Skytree is kind of far from nearly all other places. There are other places from where to have a view over Tokyo, one of them is right at Shibuya crossing and really new. So maybe that makes more sense for you.

Imperial Palace Well, why not. Wouldnt be on the top of my priority list, but yeah, it's nice enough.

Maybe Asakusa...? for shopping or for seeing "lost in translation type Japan"?

What about Shinjuku at night?
Shinjuku gyoen or Hamarikyu garden for some Japanese garden experience?
Ginza after the Imperial Palace?
Meiji Shrine e.g. after Shibuya crossing for a nice shrine in a "forest"? (note you have a temple but no shrine on your list)

Enjoy your visit to Tokyo!
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