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Can I operate a company? 2020/1/25 00:07
I am currently living in Japan under a student visa. I have registered a company alongside with a Japanese partner and we created a LLC. However, days ago a doubt arose between us and was: "Can I be designated as a company officer within the company itself as a student?" I do have the "Permission to engage in activites other than the status previously granted", and interestingly the company was founded before I arrived to Japan and there were no issues at arrival. The thing is that I read in a website that I can create a company, yes, but I cannot "do business", and I have no idea what It means.

I don't really know what should I do. Should I remove myself from my company as an officer and trust my japanese partner to do business? Forget about It? I cannot change my visa status as I am currently studying a master's here.
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Re: Can I operate a company? 2020/1/25 16:59
I guess what they mean is that it might be OK your name is simply on paper a rep or an officer of a company (no active role), but if you actually engage in running that company to produce, distribute or sell something and derive any revenues from such operations, or gain any income for yourself from that, that would require ac business manager/investor status, as far as I know.

Another thing: what does the company do? The gpermission toch that you have: what activities does it cover?
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Re: Can I operate a company? 2020/1/25 17:25
why don't you ask immigration office to get a permission (to engage in Ж) with bringing your company's oL듣{. when they give a permission, you have no problem. when they say "No.", just remove your name from your company's oL듣{.
the reason I say to do that way is that, when you get a permission, you have official historical record you have been engaging the company and probably it will be easier to have a business visa (status) in future.
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Re: Can I operate a company? 2020/1/25 23:36
If it's a serious company, it's definitely worth consulting a lawyer rather than simply going to a random immigration employee who may not know the law and will say "no" just to play it safe.

I would imagine that as long as you don't work full-time for your company you should have no problems. You can even work "part-time" officially and pay yourself a full-time salary - the only restriction I know of is how many hours a week you officially work, not how much you get paid. And I would be very surprised if students weren't allowed to be company officers. But I'm just a random stranger on the internet - I'd consult a real lawyer before giving up your company.

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Re: Can I operate a company? 2020/1/26 13:04
I would also recommend checking with an immigration lawyer.
I wonder if an officer or owner of a company can be considered gpart-timeh; I believe there is a reason for establishing this separate visa category of gbusiness manager/investorh different from other work-related visas (where the visa holder is gemployedh by the company).
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Re: Can I operate a company? 2020/1/26 21:29
a real company owner is a stock holder, not a title holder.
the law requests that at least one person must be registered as a representative of company.
(also, I think there is no rule that a representative must have stocks.)
there is no rule that the representative must have higher salary than others.
that's all.
when you own 51 % of the stock, you are a real owner, even when you have no title of the company.
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