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Dependent COE - apply in advance? 2020/1/26 09:15
Dependent COE--apply in advance?

I have Instructor residence status until 2022. I already finished my last job; my next job won't start until April (I will sign a contract soon). My dependent family members are in the United States, and I want to bring them to Japan. Sooner would be better.

Can either a company/organization, or me myself, submit applications for their COEs before my employment starts (but after I have an employment contract)? Or is it necessary to wait until my first day of work to apply for them?
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Re: Dependent COE - apply in advance? 2020/1/26 16:40
When we moved to Japan my husband applied for his COE at the same time as for my dependent COE. ie before starting his work in Japan.

You write you are already in Japan but currently not working. Have you informed immigration about that? I think you have 2 weeks from ending a job (or changing a job) to inform them. Just asking. You should be fine to stay w/o a job until April, but immigration wants to know.
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Re: Dependent COE - apply in advance? 2020/1/26 17:22
YOU can start COE application anytime you want as long as you have relevant documentation to support your application.

That said, you will need your company assistance to submit proof of employment, salary etc.
Without any job until your next contract in April, you may encounter problem with your Dependent's COE application. Better do that once you signed the contract. In the meantime you can make prepration for the COE appliction.

Depending on company, most won't make COE application for you BUT may assist you with application by providing relevant supporting documentation. You will need to do it yourself.

As other said, did you inform immigration about your 'work status' changes, finish last job/changing employer ?
You are required to inform immigration within 14 days any changes related to your work status, change job/company etc.

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