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Re-entry and and keeping residence valid 2020/1/26 09:36
I recently finished my job in Japan and went home to the United States for awhile. I moved out of my apartment, notified the Immigration Bureau that I finished my job, and got a Special Re-entry permit at the airport. My Instructor status is still valid for two more years.

My re-entry permit is for 1 year. I heard that when you finish a job before your residence status expires, you have to find a new job within 3 months or your residence can be revoked. But does that 3 months include time when I am staying outside Japan with a re-entry permit, or not?

In other words, in this situation how long do I have to re-enter Japan and find a new job?
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Re: Re-entry and and keeping residence valid 2020/1/26 20:43
The 3 months start once you finished your job/report changes.
It doesn't matter if you are in or out of Japan.

Immigration may or may not start taking action on your non-active status depending on their priorities.
Would you want to gamble it?

As long as you can proof/show that you are actively seeking new employment, you have something to show them from taking any action. Your new coming contract is one.

But then again .. no one can say for sure.
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