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Hairdresser attending foreigners in Chiba? 2020/1/26 22:35
Hello everyone,
I am a Spanksh girl doing a one year exchange at a university in Chiba. It has been a few months since I arrived and I'm thinking on going to a hairdresser soon. My hair is naturally dark brown, but I have been dying it red for some years now. At first, I tried buying some dye at itoyokado and aeon, but they were too weak and didn't cover my roots at all. That's why I want to go to a hairdresser, so I can have my hair dyed properly.
However, after asking some Japanese friends, they told me that most hairdressers would likely bleach my roots. I never needed to do that back in Spain, and would prefer to avoid doing that extra damage to my hair.
My friends also said it would be good if I went to a hairdresser with experience treating foreign hair, but couldn't recommend me any.
To be honest, anyone that can do the job without bleaching my roots is alright. Even a strong dye from a supermarket would work (I have tried henna without bleach). I live near Makuhari, but I'm willing to move if it's not too far away. Language is not a problem either.
Thanks for reading!
by Sofia (guest)  

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