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Narita Airport to Higashi-Shinjuku 2020/1/28 07:38
Hi there,i will be in japan this february. May i know what train that i can use from narita terminal 2 to higashi-shinjuku other than skyliner or narita express. Some people said i need to transfer to ueno. Can i take a morning liner.?
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Re: Narita Airport to Higashi-Shinjuku 2020/1/28 12:43
Easy, use this, No direct train until Higashi-Shinjuku stn.
Change the tab to "From the airport" first.
"IC" means pre-paid card type ticket "Suica" and "PASMO", a bit cheaper
than regular(no discount) fare by cash or credit card(VISA, Master, Amex).

Also you can take Morning Liner of KEISEI if not full, but depends on yr flight arr time.
If possible, you must book and pay for Liner ticket(s) "420Y" plus ASAP at KEISEI ticket counter.
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Re: Narita Airport to Higashi-Shinjuku 2020/1/29 23:52
Okay i got it. That means i can use suica card + liner ticket for morning liner right ? And the liner ticket i need to buy at counter.
Second questions, let say if i back from higashi-shinjuku to airport,is there Morning liner from keisei ueno available ? Do you have a link or website morning liner regarding time depart to airport. Do i need book in advance or just buy through the counter.Thank you
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