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How to contact to keisei 2020/1/28 11:39
Hi please help me. I forget the camera bag in keisei i get in the train at nippori station 5.45 AM to narita airport on 26 jan 2020 ago.
Now i living in Thailand i canft contact to keisei how to contact. Is camera have my photo and my friend for first experience in japan.
Sorry for my english skill
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Re: How to contact to keisei 2020/1/28 13:35
I sent a message through the forum administrator.
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Re: How to contact to keisei 2020/1/29 11:23
Send a message as "complaint" in this form.

If you can use international calls, you should call right now.
NRT(¬“c‹σ`) or Keisei-Ueno(‹ž¬γ–μ) stn is the best.

And, lost items will move to nearest police stn about after 5-7 days past.
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