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Doctor Yellow Timetable in February 2020 2020/1/28 17:51
Dear community,

this question may be a bit too special for a general forum like j-g, but maybe there is someone around familiar with the matter.
I already did some research on the internet and have found a website that lists likely dates. However, no dates for January were given and so I am not sure if there will be some for the future. Also the information on timetables are Japanese only which makes it a bit difficult to grasp in full. (Google Translate only helps to a certain extend)

Question in short: Is there a website that lists likely timetables for doctor yellow (especially in February 2020)? Bonus points for English ;)

Here's what I found so far (which may be interesting for folks also looking into the matter):

Site which explains the principle of DocYellow's timetable in japanese. One could deduce future dates, but language barrier will be a big problem I think.

Best hit so far. The calculate DY's possible timetable. However, no times for January 2020 were given also none for February yet. In the past, dates for certain months were given at the beginning of each month, so I still have hope.

This site I am not able to copy-paste to google translate so I am not sure what to make of it.
They give timetables but no dates if I understand correctly.

Thank you very much for your help. Your time and effort are always highly appreciated.

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Re: Doctor Yellow Timetable in February 2020 2020/1/29 21:38
The forecast for Feb is out, but the driving date was not disclosed.
Generally, they drive every 9 or 10 days usual.

Anyway you should watch Twitter frequently or see this BBS(Dr.Yellow fan forum).
The passage can be confirmed with a live camera on the Internet.

Idk if you or for someone have a question to see directly in Japan,
however, anyone can check the passage with a live cam on the Internet.
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Re: Doctor Yellow Timetable in February 2020 2020/1/30 06:33
Thank you very very much.
I'll be in Tokyo February 24th till March 1st, so maybe I'll be lucky enough to catch a glimpse.
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Re: Doctor Yellow Timetable in February 2020 2020/1/30 06:50
So after checking the info I figured out the DY is likely to stay at Tokyo Station February 26th from 11:37 till 11:47.

Can platform tickets still be bought these days? I have never done it but can only find outdated information on this topic....
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Re: Doctor Yellow Timetable in February 2020 2020/1/31 00:31
AT(admission ticket ꌔ nyuujou-ken) won't be sold out, no worry,
you can buy it at regular ticket vending machine anytime like this.
AT fare is 140Y/adult, valid for only for 2 hrs(120 mins), not allowed to enter train(cars).
It is necessary even if you enter Shinkansen area fr JR-EAST conventional line train.
AT is only a paper ticket, IC card ticket(such as Suica, PASMO) cannot be used as AT,
The foreigner in the above video can read Japanese,
he purchased fr Japanese display menu but English button with, easy.
Also he used IC card Suica instead of cash, but this way is not so important.

And,,, JR TOKYO stn is a bit special as track layout,
Tokaido Shinkansen where DY arr/dep is "JR-CENTRAL(JR-Tokai)'',
so you cannot see DY closest if entered JR-EAST Shinkansen ticket gate,
but with same AT, you can also walk around freely
to JR-EAST Shinkansen and conventional line(such as Yamanote line) platforms.
At that time DY would be arr/dep fr No.19 track, the easternmost, if not changed.

DY cannot run on JR-EAST Shinkansen tracks, white/red shinkansen "East i" works, anyway.
"Color" is the biggest reason why DY is more popular than "Eeast i".
Real Japanese rail fans like both, though.

Ticket gate inside area, you can not only buy EKIBEN(w box lunch)
but also many shops such as cafes, restaurants and more.
This video started B1F Yaesu gate(East side) area, the West side called "Marunouchi".
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Re: Doctor Yellow Timetable in February 2020 2020/2/1 01:28
Thank you very very much.
Your help and time is highly appreciated.

I am quite familiar with Tokyo-Station layout, but this will help.
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