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Figuring out car insurance 2020/1/29 14:38
Buying a new 2020 Toyota Voxy in February, and trying to figure out what we should expect to pay for the voluntary type of car insurance and how to go about getting a suitable policy. (We already know the difference between the voluntary and compulsory insurance).

My and my wife's Japanese language abilities are only intermediate level, though she's a Japanese national (raised abroad). She has a gold license but only owned and drove a car in Japan for one year, and that was about a decade ago. She will be the sole driver of the car.

I need help with these questions:

1. Do we need to know what her rating is on the 20-point Japanese insurance rating system, and if so, how can we find it out (or will insurance companies be able to tell us her rating if we provide her driver's license number)? I understand this rating is key in determining what we'll pay for her to be insured.

2. How much more expensive will it likely be if we go through one of the English-language insurance brokers instead of trying to buy a policy directly from a Japanese insurance company that doesn't have English-speaking sales people? Is the difference on the scale of a few thousand yen a year or a few hundred?

3. Do any of the Japanese insurance companies have English-speaking sales people? I know of several that have English speakers and forms only for claims filing, but we'd ideally like to go with one that has English-speaking sales agents who can explain policies in detail to help us decide what to get.
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Re: Need help figuring out car insurance 2020/1/29 15:40
1. it depends on her age, history, etc. when she has no experience to have (buy) a car insurance, it is expensive. it decreases every year, when no accident.

2. it is better to have a insurance from Japanese company. they will take care when you make accident. (when you make accident, the fee will increase.) some agents may speak English.

3. I know foreigners tend to want to decide everything by their ways. but, you are not superman. you can't understand the policy completely. (I have been buying car insurance for a long time. but, I don't know it in detailed.) their coverage of Japanese car insurance companies have been established through many years experiences and court judgement in Japan.

4. I highly advise you that you buy car insurance from car dealer (repairer) where you want to have legal car maintenance, shaken,車検, you are a customer both in car maintenance and insurance. they don't want to lose both. you may have sincere advises from them.
independently, you can buy an insurance by internet or from other agents. at that case, you need to make all paperwork by yourself, when you make an accident.
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