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I need help with the spouse visa 2020/2/3 09:37
Hi, My name Dan and I have a Japanese fiance. I am stuck on one of the questions they ask me to put my mother name and father name down I understand that but my birth certificate has my blood mum and dad on there. I was put into foster care at the age of 7 years old and now see my foster carer as my real mum and dad now. I also change my last name and have a name deed certificate. My birth mum and dad got remarried to other people and change their surname. I normally put my foster carer name down as my parents so I am a bit confused about what I should do with this. Can anyone help me out?

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Re: I need help with the spouse visa 2020/2/4 09:40
We aren't lawyers here on the forum to give advice on something that you should be asking an immigration lawyer or at the very least, I would just simply contact immigration in regards to what name you should put in this case. They would give you a more direct answer.
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Re: I need help with the spouse visa 2020/2/4 13:16
I honestly, truly don't think it matters which you put down. But if you really aren't sure, you or your fiancee can call immigration and ask directly. That will probably be the best option to ease your worry about it, and get the most accurate information!
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