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How to Getting Hired in Tokyo From Overseas? 2020/2/3 19:25
Hi there,

I have a bachelor degree in business accounting with a very high GPA (4.6). Do you think there is a way to get hired in Tokyo when not living there now? If there is a chance, what would be the rules or process to follow?
I am almost 40 years old and start studying very late.

Solutions might exist..

Thanks community in advance for your answers.
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Re: How to Getting Hired in Tokyo From Overseas? 2020/2/4 09:36
Hello. When you say getting hired overseas, what exactly are you trying to do for work? Are you looking for something business related, or just any kind of job in Japan? It all depends on what jobs are available and what kind of visa you're trying to get. The most popular jobs in Japan for foreigners are either Teaching English or to be an Engineer.

Having a degree with a high GPA doesn't mean that a company will take you over someone with a lower GPA. They don't really care so much about how well you did, except for the fact that you have a degree in most cases. If you can tell us what you're trying to do, it would be a lot easier to give you a better answer for your question, since it's rather vague.
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Re: How to Getting Hired in Tokyo From Overseas? 2020/2/4 17:26
Do you speak/write/read Japanese - if so, I can think of at least one company that might employ you, but of course you do not know the local regulations/rules, so you still need training. If you cannot work in Japanese, then your options get much more limited.
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Re: How to Getting Hired in Tokyo From Overseas? 2020/2/5 01:39
If you can speak fluent Japanese, then it is very easy.
Otherwise your options are very limited, unless you are a big shot overseas with some unique skills.
I would not recommend engineering jobs in Japan, the pay is absolutely the lowest among all the developed nations, even some developing nations.

Also your GPAs, etc. don't really matter at your age, or any age really. They will make you take a web test most likely, and you will be initially screened with that. It will almost always include a personality test, and for higher tier companies an SPI exam on math, reading, etc. (high time pressure, you should definitely study and prepare for this)

Please keep in mind that Japanese office culture can be very difficult, depending on the type of company you enter, there may a LOT of bullying of younger workers by older workers, which is a systematic part of the business culture here. Maybe it may not happen to you personally since you are foreigner, but it can be a suffocating experience when you constantly see the people you work with being constantly bullied and harassed .
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