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Asakusa Line to Narita - 72 Hour Metro Pass? 2020/2/3 20:19

I am travelling from Nihombashi to Narita Airport in a couple of days. I wanted to take the Asakusa Line because I can (apparently) stay in the same train cart the whole time and do not have to transfer with my heavy suitcase. I have a 72 hour Metro Pass active which I can use to ride the section between Nihombashi and Oshiage station on the Asakusa Line.

The one question which I haven't figured out yet is how the remaining part of the journey will be paid since apparently its the same train cart all the time. Or is this not possible and it would be required to exit at Oshiage and directly return via an IC Card gate?

Thanks for the help.
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Re: Asakusa Line to Narita - 72 Hour Metro Pass? 2020/2/4 12:58
You can do "fare adjustment" of over ride KEISEI section fee at NRT stn,
so no need ticket gate out and re-enter at Oshiage.
Maybe, fare adjustment machine(small papar ticket out) near ticket gate works,
if couldn't, show yr pass and say "I/We came fr via Oshiage" at manned gate.
This over ride is llegal, no penalty, no worry.

And, this route is a bit cheaper
via "MotoYawata stn" on the Toei Shinjuku line(Pass covered).
But the number of transfers will increase and a little detour, anyway.
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Re: Asakusa Line to Narita - 72 Hour Metro Pass? 2020/2/4 20:42
Thanks. That is indeed very helpful, I will then probably use the Fare Adjustment machine at Narita.

Many thanks for the help.
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