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Japanese courses in Japan? 2020/2/4 00:16

I'm planning on going to Japan in summer/autumn. I'm still undecided on the location, but I think it would be really cool to go somewhere where I can learn Japanese and stay with a host family.

Does anyone know of any locations/courses where I am able to do this? I'm taking a gap year so i'm flexible in terms of the duration of the visit.

Many thanks!

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Re: Japanese courses in Japan? 2020/2/4 09:50
Hello. It might be better to know where you want to stay first and then do an online search of host families and see the requirements of doing that to practice Japanese. Just to make sure we understands, are you talking about Japanese immersion where you are forced to learn Japanese living with a host family?

I would definitely try and research online to find exactly what you're looking for. I'm sure there are programs out there that offer it.
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Re: Japanese courses in Japan? 2020/2/4 10:05
I have a feeling the OP is thinking of attending a language school with host family as accommodation?

If you are thinking of one-year full-time program (as you say you have a gap year), you might want to decide on a general area, and look for schools in that area.

Some might provide dormitory type of accommodation. One hitch about host family is that they might be more accommodating to you in terms of wanting to speak to you in English and learn about your culture, that you might not get that much of opportunities to practice the Japanese language (if that is the intention).
For full immersion/dormitory type of school accommodation, I have heard some good things about this place (though not my first-hand experience):
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Re: Japanese courses in Japan? 2020/2/4 19:10
Hey. Firstly, Ifm so jealous that youfre going to Japan. I went last year and had the best experience of my life! I did a beginnerfs language course in Japanese Language + Traditional Culture with Cactus Language https://www.cactuslanguage.com/adults/locations/japanese/japan/

I did the month-long course in Kyoto https://www.cactuslanguage.com/adults/locations/japanese/japan/kyoto/, but I know that Cactus do offer other locations/course lengths that you can look into.

The teaching was really engaging in my opinion (and the course is accredited by Japanese language schools which is an added bonus). Also, I made loads of friends during my experience and we would often socialise after class.

Cactus arranged host family accommodation and airport transfer with my booking. The host family were so lovely and accommodating, and it was such a great way for me to immerse myself in the Japanese culture. Although there are options to stay in student accommodation, I strongly recommend you go through with the host family stay because itfs an experience youfll rarely get again.
You are going to have the time of your life! If you have any other questions about my experience just let me know 😊
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