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BTS Map of the soul in Japan 2020/2/5 04:42
Hi, Ifm thinking to buy BTS concert tickets in Japan this year, anyone knows how can I purchase them? I was thinking to use FDJP but Ifm not sure if theyfre legit. If theyfre legit, is it possible for them to deliver the tickets to me on time if letfs say I want them to be delivered to me which is Canada? Or I can just ask them to deliver to the hotel Ifm going to stay at in japan?
by Vanny (guest)  

Re: BTS Map of the soul in Japan 2020/2/8 19:23
Hey Vanny,

You are going to need a fanclub membership to get tickets through balloting. All tickets have the name of purchaser on them and all tickets are checked thoroughly upon entry.
You can chose to receive them in email format.

Best wishes,
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Re: BTS Map of the soul in Japan 2020/2/9 03:23
Hi, is it the general Army Membership we can get from weply?
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Re: BTS Map of the soul in Japan 2020/2/15 10:32
Have to become a Japanese army club member which I became this week. Thanks to google chrome I can get the pages translated to English 😂 . But still you need to have a Japanese address and phone number . If you have a friend in Japan itfs not super difficult
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Re: BTS Map of the soul in Japan 2020/2/27 16:52
Hi. I want to ask for the exact same reason. I really want to go to their concert in Osaka this year. The japanese fanclub mobile membership is much cheaper than the web membership. I think maybe the chance is not that bad since mobile membership goes for the second round balloting, so I think I will use my relationfs address and phone number and go for it. But now my concern is how to pay for the ticket (if I got super really really lucky haha). Is it okay to use credit card from my country? Or it should be from Japan local bank?
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