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Lift at Shinjuku Gyoemmae Station 2020/2/8 02:04
Good morning,

Previously lift to street level is only at Exit 3 (Only servicing east-bound trains to Ikebukuro). Is the lift at exit 1 (for west-bound train to Ogikubo) now ready? The website says it is under construction until 2018... I need to plan my journey from Haneda in April...

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Re: Lift at Shinjuku Gyoemmae Station 2020/2/8 12:30
I donft know where you got the old info about closure until 2018, but when I stayed near the station in December 2019 both Exit 1 & 3 elevators were working. I check the maintenance schedule, and it says (a) Exit 1 elevator inspection on 2/25; (b) Exit 3 elevator inspection on 2/20.

There is a path between the two platforms, but it requires climbing stairs (under the tracks).

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Re: Lift at Shinjuku Gyoemmae Station 2020/2/8 12:46
Hi 092!

Thanks for responding.. This is exactly what Ifm hoping for.. An answer from someone who had or are using exit 1 lift. I was there in October but only used exit 3. This time I just want to make sure that I will be able to use the exit 1 lift in April when I arrive from Haneda on the west-bound train since we will have luggage. Of cause I can plan to take the east-bound train but that would cost slightly more.

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