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How much time in Nachi 2020/2/10 19:35
Hello for schedule purposes just wanna ask, how much time do I need to visit Nachi falls and the temple. I know from Daimonzaka bus stop to the falls is around 30 min by foot, I arrive at 12 10 there and plan to pick a bus at 14:51 from the falls to Hayatama Taisha.

So around 2 h 30 min just for Daimonzaka to the falls and the temple is it enough?
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Re: How much time in Nachi 2020/2/11 12:04

Can be done, just watch the time, you do not want to miss the bus.
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Re: How much time in Nachi 2020/2/11 14:11
There is another bus stop that is a lot closer the waterfall, Nachi-no-Taki-mae.

It also depends on what view of the waterfall you want to see. You can hike to near the bottom of the waterfall, or there is another view that puts a pagoda between you and the fall. I went to both spots, and it took about 30 minutes of hilly hike between them.
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