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Watarase railway to Lake Chuzenji 2020/2/11 06:07
We are hoping to travel on the Watarase railway in November 2020 up to the end stop at Mato. Is there any way we can reach Lake Chuzenji from there or Ashio (previous stop) without a car?
by Jocelyn Robinson (guest)  

Re: Watarase railway to Lake Chuzenji 2020/2/11 12:33
On the map the distance is relatively short, but there is no gsimpleh way. Possibly take a taxi to cover the 30km or so? (If you go by train, you need to backtrack and go around a long way.)

One way seems to be to take two connecting buses:

Take Nikko City bus line from Mato station (shown as No. 16/28 on page 25 of the route map on this Nikko City Bus brochure) to Kiyotaki (No. 45 on the same map), then change to Tobu bus line that comes from Nikko station up to Lake Chuzenji. (There seems to be a few minutesf walk between those two bus stops; also be sure to take the one that is headed up toward the lake, probably on the other side of the street.)

Nikko City bus schedule is on page 27 of the same brochure, and you get on at 28 Mato station, get off at 45. There are only six buses per day going from Mato toward Nikko station, so you need to watch out for the timing.

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