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Moving to Japan with Japanese wife 2020/2/12 00:50
Hello. This is my 1st time posting for this forum. Me and my Japanese wife is considering moving to Japan. We are married here in Philippines last 2012 and I am already in her Koseki-tohon. We are planning to bring our eldest daughter who is also in her koseki. With this, what are the requirements for us to move in Japan? Do we go for spousal visa? Do we still need to obtain CoE even if me and my daughter is in her Koseki? Can we go together or does she needs to go first? Hope someone can help us. Thanks in advance
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Re: Moving to Japan with Japanese wife 2020/2/12 08:36
I assume you are a Philippine national (no Japanese ancestry or anything)?
If so, and if your marriage to your Japanese wife is entered in her gkoseki,h and the daughterfs birth is entered in it too, that means (1) you need to apply for gspouse of Japanese nationalh visa, and (2) your daughter needs to apply for Japanese passport.

This is because in the case of non-Japanese spouse, the marriage to you is entered in her gkosekih as an event that happened to her (the Japanese national), but you donft genterh her koseki in the sense of becoming a part of it (koseki is for Japanese nationals only).
On the other hand, your daughter has obtained Japanese citizenship by being born to a Japanese parent.

For the exact procedure, it is better to ask at the Embassy/Consulate of Japan in the Philippines.
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Re: Moving to Japan with Japanese wife 2020/2/12 16:20
your wife can get valuable information from the website of Japanese government and other (but unofficial) websites of immigration lawyers in Japanese. you will know what the government request to the applicants.
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Re: Moving to Japan with Japanese wife 2020/2/13 21:53
Koseki and coe/visa are two separate thing.
Second what posted by....... (guest).


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