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Singaporean visiting Tokyo in March 2020 2020/2/13 00:09
I'm from Singapore and have visited Japan 15 times since 2011 each time staying 2-3 weeks and have travelled from Kumamoto to Abishiri and still feel that there's so much more to see and do. I've booked a flight to Tokyo for March 2020 before the current coronavirus situation. Although Singapore has one of the highest infection rate, I'm really not very worried as I believe that because Singapore's government has been transparent in reporting cases and managing the crisis well because of our experience with the SARS epidemic. My concern is actually how the people in Japan are reacting to visitors from Singapore. Will my presence cause uneasiness at the hotel, restaurants, trains and on the streets? I'm ethnic Chinese but converse in English with my travelling companions.
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Re: Singaporean visiting Tokyo in March 2020 2020/2/13 12:22
You'll be fine.

If things have not changed much - you might notice less tourists than normal due to the fact that Chinese tourists are currently not entering the country (I think).

For others on the forum - I currently live on Singapore and not much happens here. There are no natural disasters and it's about as safe as a normal Japanese city. As such - many locals are basically going crazy with panic buying of rice and toilet paper. I'm guessing this is why there has been an influx of Singapore related posts....
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