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What job field required for a long term visa 2020/2/14 05:49
Hey, I am a writer for an online blog and I was wondering do I need to be in a specified job field to get a mid to long term visa for Japan.
I planning to live there for a couple of years or maybe forever and would be most helpful if you could give me any advice. And sorry in advance if I made any error. English is not my native language.
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Re: What job field required for a long term visa 2020/2/14 11:06
It depends on many factors to be honest. If you're looking to do journalism, I would check online for the requirements of that visa since every kind of visa pertaining to work has different requirements. Have you been to Japan before to visit and see if it's right for you? Keep in mind, being a tourist to visit somewhere and living and working are two entirely different things.

If you're going to apply for a visa, you should first have some sort of company to hire/sponsor you that is willing to vouch for you and help you get a particular visa. It's not like you just wake up one day and go "you know, I'd really like to live in Japan forever, I'm gonna go there and get a job." It does take quite a bit of time, depends on what country you're from, what your line of work is, etc.


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